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Cees Kortlang produced paintings, etchings and gouaches. For a while, he also made lithographs and occasionally experimented with collages. At first Kortlang's work was figurative, but in 1958 he turned to making abstract work. In the 1960s, besides painting, he embarked on etching. The earliest known etchings by Kortlang date from 1960. He initially worked in black, but after some cautious experimenting, colour definitively broke through in his work from 1966. This is related to his time at the Graphic Studio in Wolfsburg Castle. Every year, he would spend several weeks working here. Cees Kortlang was very skilled in the technique of etching and he used the potential of this medium to the full. The most characteristic aspect of his method is his treatment of the monumental plate itself and the role he gave to the material. For example, in some of his etchings parts of the same plate can be recognised. The artistic oeuvre of Cees Kortlang is very extensive. The Kortlang Foundation owns around 350 paintings and over 5000 etchings by the artist. Many of these works are for sale. On this website, you can find a selection of this work. If you are interested in the work of Cees Kortlang or have any questions about a specific work, please contact the Kortlang Foundation at .(JavaScript moet ingeschakeld zijn om dit e-mail adres te bekijken)